Hopefully you have taken some action and started to work on your annual fitness plan!

If not, then read more HERE on how to get started.

If you need help building out your fitness schedule check HERE for more help.

Now what is the best method of fitness that will get you results? First you must review what your goals are. Specific methods will work better for specific goals. If you want to build muscle, then cycling five times a week and doing zero strength training would not be a good choice. You will definitely want to incorporate at least three strength training days into your routine. If you want to lose weight, then a mix of cardio and strength will get you closer to your goals.

With so many methods around today such as cycling classes, yoga, crossfit, boxing, pilates, functional training and many more, what is the best method? In the end, make sure the method will help you get closer to your goal but also make sure it is something you will do consistently.

If you need flexibility but you can’t stand a yoga class, then yoga will not work for you because you will not commit to it long term. You may want to do foam rolling or static stretching instead.

It is going to be a love hate relationship. People always say to me “Well you love running and cycling so it’s easy for you”. I don’t love running and cycling all the time. I enjoy the fact that I can get outside and do it, but it is hard at times. I love the feeling and the benefits it gives me afterwords. It’s not enjoyable when your gasping for air and your legs are on fire. If you find someone who actually enjoys that then let me know. It’s how we feel after that makes us come back and do more.

The best method is the method that aligns with your goals, that you will stick to consistently and that challenges you consistently!

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