They show up every day wearing their Myzone belts not just to see their heart rate but to get MEPS! (Myzone effort points). What are MEPS? You earn points for working in different heart rate zones. If you hit a minimum number of MEPS each month you get a status ranking. Each month you can move up as long as you have exercised enough. After four years you can reach HALL OF FAME STATUS! But if you miss your MEP goal for a month you lose your progress and have to start over. Losing a streak like this can keep many people motivated and committed!

Staying committed to a healthy lifestyle is simple but it is not easy. What is it that keeps people going? Why can some people maintain a healthy lifestyle and many others can only do it on and off?

As we talked about goal setting it is important, but a big problem is many people set large goals and are focused on the long term goal. This goal can be months or years away and after a month you feel like you have made zero progress. For example, someone may want to lose 20lbs. They set a goal for three months. After one month there has been zero movement on the scale but measurements and body fat have decreased, clothes fit better and they have more energy. Instead of looking at the zero movement on the scale as a negative they need to look at the positives and what is going good.

1) They have been working out four days a week consistently for a month.
2) Their clothes are fitting better, energy and confidence is starting to increase which was part of “why” they wanted to lose 20lbs.
3) Their eating habits have never been this good!

Celebrating the little success each day and week is a great way to keep you motivated.

This goes along with setting short term goals. Weekly goals as simple as getting into the gym three times a week. Eating a healthy breakfast daily. Avoiding chips at night. Can be small milestones weekly that will help you reach your long term goal over time.

Today’s Task: At the beginning of the week think about or even better write out what has gone well for you the prior week! Celebrate this, then set new weekly goals.

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