Youth Fitness

Our youth programs are designed to keep youth active while building a positive relationship with fitness, nutrition and mindset. Our youth groups are fun, competitive and will challenge your child both physically and mentally.

Why RAM Youth Fitness?

Just like every other area of fitness at RAM we take on a very customized approach to our Youth Fitness Programs. Developed by teachers, kinesiologists and personal trainers, our specialty youth programs focus on a holistic vision of health; strengthening both body and mind.

What We Offer

  • Programs designed specifically for various age groups
  • Programs designed for youth athletes and sports teams
  • Holistic training approach; body + mind

Let’s get our kids moving!


What and When Should You Eat Before a Workout?

You may have had that feeling as you workout you feel what you just ate an hour ago in your throat. You just hope it doesn’t end up on the gym floor! Or you get so hungry half way through your workout that you cannot focus and you just want to get home to eat.  “I’m...

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

Myth: Doing crunches and sit-ups will strengthen your core and flatten your stomach.  Truth: You cannot spot reduce. A well balanced approach of cardio, strength and nutrition will help you maintain a healthy weight and make you feel comfortable in your body.  My...

The Secret to a Flat Stomach

Doing more crunches and planks will give us a flatter and more defined stomach right? Well, if that was the case we would all have six packs. So what does it take to get rid of the excess around the midline? What’s the secret exercise?  Well the secret...


Monday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Tuesday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Wednesday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Thursday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Friday: 6AM - 1PM | 4PM - 8PM

Saturday: 8:30AM - 10:30AM

Sunday: 8:30AM - 10AM

*RAM Is open on a class and appointment basis.