My butts sore! The most common thing we here from first time ryders after their first class! Sorry, we can’t help you much with this one. It just takes some getting used to. The first ryde is always the worst. You can get more comfortable by trying a seat cushion and by making sure your bike is set up properly. We go over bike setup with everyone during onramp package or before the first class.

Even for the seasoned veterans, it is always good to go over your bike setup every few months and you can try tweaking a few adjustments to see if it feels better for you. You don’t know unless you try. We give you clear guidelines to follow for setup but every “body” is different. Making minor changes from the guideline is ok and should be done. Here is how to set your bike up. We have attached videos as well for you!

Bike setup: 

Seat Height – Bring top of saddle to hip-bone height.

Handlebar height – Same height or slightly higher then saddle. 

Seat Position – With feet in 3 and 9 o’clock position, front knee tracks over middle of peddle. 

Handlebar Forward and Back Position – Slight bend in elbows and able to maintain neutral spine when reaching forward.

RealRyder Set up 1
RealRyder Set up 2

You should aim to be comfortable in the saddle and be able to maintain a neutral spine! Remember that our indoor bikes simulate a road bike and road bike setup. Mountain bike setup differs from a road bike setup. If you normally mountain bike then you will be comfortable with more of a bend in the knee and maybe higher handlebars. To get the most out of the ryde you need to be comfortable and as close to the setup guidelines as possible. Enjoy the ryde!

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