Setting goals is critical to your success. The key is to be realistic and have a way to measure your progress. When it comes to weight loss many people look back at where they were when they were at their lowest weight. For many this could have been back in high school or in their twenties. They felt that they had a comfortable weight that they looked good and felt great.

Setting a goal to get back to this weight twenty or thirty years later, is this realistic? You may think that yes eventually it is if you did everything correctly. What you really have to look at is what was your lifestyle looked like back at this time? Did you workout consistently? Or, did you not workout at all and it was just that your metabolism was high and you were young.

This can determine if this goal weight, size or shape is realistic. You may think your age today is a factor. Your body has been through a lot and your metabolism is starting to slow. This will only limit you as much as you think it will. If you never lifted weights when you were at your “best shape or size” then starting a strength training routine today will help you change your body but it will also be a totally different journey than you were on back then. You will gain some muscle and drop some body fat. You most likely will not hit that “old weight”. Why? Well you are creating a different body that has more muscle, is stronger, more toned, will look better, even though you won’t get to that ‘old weight’.

You need to wrap your head around the idea that yes you may have been “skinny” back then but was it your healthiest? Did you have as much energy as when you workout today? Was your nutrition as dialed in? You are on a different journey of building a new body that is healthier and fitter than it was “back in the day”, even though your weight may show higher on the scale you will feel stronger, healthier and your body composition (muscle to fat ratio) will be a lot better!

Focus on the “new you” you want to create and not that old you, unless that was the “healthiest and fittest” version of yourself.

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