I was about to take on the biggest race of my life. I saw the mass swim start on TV one day and thought, that looks cool. I want to do that one day. Why? Well because it was the Superbowl of triathlons. An Ironman triathlon, a 3.8k swim 180k bike and a 42.2k run. I was always about seeing how far you can go and how far you can push yourself. The only problem, I didn’t really know how to swim. I could swim to keep myself a float but I never learned how to properly do the front crawl. So I needed a plan and a coach.

This week I’m going to help you develop your plan. For where you want to be in your health and fitness journey. I will give you ideas but more importantly steps to follow to develop your own workout plan.

First you need to know what you are working towards and how are you going to measure your progress?

Write done your number one fitness goal: My ultimate goal is to lose weight and have a flat stomach, or my ultimate goal is to run a marathon.

Then write down two other fitness goals you have (if you have more).

Prioritize them, numbered 1-3. Your ultimate goal should be number 1.

Now get more specific.

If you want to lose weight and have a flat stomach, then how much weight do you want to lose? Or what size do you want to fit in?

Break your goal down as specific as you can. I want to be able to wear the pants I wore in 2018 to the Christmas party when I felt fit, healthy and full of energy.

Now most importantly. Ask yourself why? Why do you want to lose the weight? Why is the weight loss and flat stomach important to you?

I want to lose the weight because I want to feel better and have more energy.

Now try and break it down further. Why do you want to feel better and have more energy?

Well, I really want to be able to bike the hub trail with my kids and not be winded walking up the stairs. I want to feel confident taking photos with friends and family.

Now you have a deeper connection to your goals. Its more than just a number on the scale. It’s your quality of life and what you will be able to do when you lose the weight.

Now let’s break it into short term goals.

To lose 15lbs, if we say realistically you can lose 2lbs per week. Then this will take you a minimum 8 weeks. But no one is perfect so give yourself three months to get to this goal.

Its August 4th so your goal is by October 31st to be down close to 15lbs. But don’t get to stuck on the number on the scale. Focus on the small wins each week: how you feel, and if you can fit into those pants we know you will have reached your goal no matter what number the scale says.

Now work backwards from your goal.

Week 12 – Goal 15lbs down – fit into pants, bike hub trail
Week 8 – Goal 8lbs weight loss – pants are close to fitting, can bike 12 to 15km
Week 4 – Goal – 5lbs weight loss – started biking consistently 5 to 10km

Now you can even go further and break this down to weekly goals.

Now it’s your turn. Take action!


Define your goals. Top 3. What is your ultimate goal?

Break them down into specific goals.

Ask yourself why these are important you?

Work backwards and set monthly and then weekly goals to hit!

Tomorrow we will work on implementing the plan!

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