Do you need to get in shape before you join a gym? This is a common conversation I have had with people looking to join RAM. “I need get myself in shape before I try a class” a lot of people will say. Ok, I understand what you mean. You want to be fit and ready to take on a class with ease right?

Well I hate to break it you but it doesn’t work that way. 90% of the those who make a comment like this will be in the same place six months later. You don’t just start getting in shape to join a gym. If you haven’t gotten to that point by now you need help. You need guidance, you need a plan, you need coaching and you need accountability.

Of course we don’t expect anyone to just jump into a class which is why we have our RAM RAMPUP program that is designed to have you feeling comfortable to take on our classes. In the RAMPUP we work one on one with you no matter what fitness level you are at. We will then make sure you can do fundamental movements properly which you will need to know to take on any of our classes. If you are ready after the first two weeks you can move into classes. If not, you can continue with one on one coaching. We start at your starting point and no one else’s. We work with you to make you fitter than you were the day prior. We expect you to set your own baselines and not compare yourself to others.

Now if you still feel “you need to get in shape” before entering the gym we have another solution for you to ensure you do just that. That is our online coaching program. Allow us to coach you from the comfort of your home. You can get in shape on your own time with the help, guidance and accountability of one of our coaches. Then, when you are ready for the next step the transition to in studio workouts will be seamless and you will feel as you have been in the gym all along.

So save the excuse, and take action on creating the best version of you today! Book your free RAM INTRO! We would love to get you started or just get you back into a habit of working out and eating right!

* We are back coaching you in person! Social distancing is in effect! Personal Training and Group Classes are now available! See new class schedule here! *