We know that good nutrition and lifestyle habits will lead us to success. But what is it that drives you to start to develop those habits? Finding out what your purpose is can help you change your life. It can be the reason you start and stick to new habits.

Your purpose is that deep reason why you are doing what you do. My purpose as a personal trainer is to show people that they are capable of a lot more than they think they are. That you can always improve your life with fitness, nutrition and mindset. This is what keeps me showing up every day. Helping people get better by trying things that they would have never done on their own.

If you have had trouble sticking to an exercise or nutrition program then start to think a bit harder about why you need to be healthier and why is it so important to you? Now use that to keep you going.

A friend shared this holiday ad with me, you can watch HERE.

This brings to light that taking care of yourself is important to be able to live the life you want to live. Most people want to live a long healthy life. Many people want to be able to spend the time with others they love. To have the best quality time with others you must take the time to build a quality life for yourself.

Many people think to be fit you must workout one to two hours a day, five to six days a week. This is far from the truth. Doing a little bit each day and trying a bit more the next day can be enough. You must keep moving, lift some heavy things, get outside and walk or jog. Start with those basics if your overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

Define your purpose or your “why” you need to be active and healthy. Is it to spend more time playing with the grandchildren, is it being able to run faster than your kids, is it trying to avoid disease and prolong your life.

You don’t need a crazy workout plan or an in depth nutrition plan. Start somewhere and you will progress as you go. Take some time to really think why you want to start working out and eating better. Yes, we all know we will be healthier and it is good for us but that is not enough. We need that deeper reason that really means something to us. You need to know that you will be able to spend an extra five to ten years with your grandkids or you need to know being healthier will get you off that medication finally. What is it that drives you? Find it this year and use it to keep you moving forward.

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