Diversity within our microbiome is one of the MOST important factors for our overall health. This is what makes a plant centered diet so beneficial for long term health and why restrictive diets can be so detrimental to your gut health in the long run.

Have you ever been told to avoid foods such as potatoes, starchy carbs or fruit because of the “sugar” content? Well that’s not true and they are all incredibly beneficial to our microbiome and here’s why.
Foods such as potatoes, brown rice & oats contain resistant starch which feeds our gut bacteria! It isn’t a question of “are carbs good or bad for you”, it’s a matter of QUALITY whole foods that contain fiber. This is the KEY to a healthy happy gut. Mega processed carbohydrates drowning in chemical additives & low quality oils are the ones that we want to avoid and will lead to an unhappy gut over time.


We NEED variety, we need carbohydrates, we need REAL food with fiber. The amount and variety of whole plants foods you consume is DIRECTLY related to the health of your microbiome.
We can’t only focus on repopulating our gut bacteria with probiotics, we need to FEED the bacteria we already have with PRE-biotics. 

What are prebiotics? They are compounds in food that induce the growth or activity of beneficial bacteria in our gut. The more diverse and healthy the population, the better our mood, weight management, energy, digestion, cravings etc. Gut health truly is the foundation of many areas of our health.

Where can you find prebiotics: chicory, artichokes, garlic, onion, bananas, legumes, chickpeas, barley, oats, asparagus, dandelion greens, apples, flax, wheat bran, burdock root, seaweed to name a few.

How many plant foods are you including each week? The less you eat = less diversity and not as healthy of a gut. When you include more plant foods in your diet, your digestion could feel a bit off at first while your body adjusts to creating new enzymes to digest them, be patient, take it slow.

Coach Ash
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