Today’s habit action item is looking at your daily checklist.

It can be overwhelming having a list of items to get done in a day. I am sure you can fill a page or two. When I first started doing this I would write out everything I wanted to get done that I could think of and nothing happened. It was just sitting there on paper. Then I found a better way to organize my list and it is much more affective and reasonable.

Why is a check list important? Research shows that checking off items that are completed leaves you with a sense of accomplishment therefore a positive mind! So this will help keep you positive and moving forward. Take your list of 20 or 30 items and make a list daily. Only write out the top five things that you want to get done that will make the biggest impact. Aim to complete the top three tasks but make sure you get done number one for sure! When you complete the task check it off on paper. If you cannot get the last two done, then give them to someone else to complete or save them for another day. The key is to tackle the most important task as early as you can in your day to ensure it is completed because we all know what happens when we leave things to the evening.

Take action: write your checklist of the top five things you need to do that will make the most impact then take action as soon as possible on number one. Then move on!

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