We know that these times can add extra stress mentally, physically, financially or emotionally. So today we want to educate you on working “IN”. We all know how to work “OUT”. When we workout we are expending energy, burning calories and depleting our energy stores. We then need to recover with rest and nutrition so we can train again and become better next time. If you are already over stressed from any of the above reasons working out is another stressor to the body. During these times working out can hurt you more than help you in some cases. In the instance that your body is already overstressed, working out will only add to that stress while raising cortisol levels (the fat storing hormone). This is why when some people work out all the time, but are not sure why the weight is not coming off, it is because they have not addressed all the stressors that they are experiencing and cortisol levels remain high from stress therefore the body is storing fat even if you are working out every day. 

Working “IN” is exercise that does not elevate the heart rate and will help you bring energy “into” the body instead of expending it. This will help decrease stress and balance the body. Working “IN” can be as simple as an easy walk and exploring nature, lite yoga, meditation, or any workout movements at a slow controlled pace that do not elevate the heart rate. 

Being a certified CHECK Holistic Lifestyle Coach myself I have attached a link here with more information on working “IN” and 3 Sample exercises to start with!

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