A common game plan my coaches as a young athlete had, especially hockey coaches was “win your battle”. All you have to do out there is win the battle you are in at the moment and if everyone else on your team wins their own battle then you should come out successful. You cannot score goals and save pucks at the same time, you can’t do everything. You have to stick to the job you do best and win that battle. Little did I know that this applies to all areas of life and we can apply it to our health and fitness.

You can’t vacuum the rug and do the dishes at the same time. Many of us think we are great multitaskers. When you break it down you really can only 100% focus on one thing at a time.

How can you win your battles with exercise? Start with showing up and getting in your workout daily. That’s the first battle. Then second battle is follow through with the plan or the workout for the day. Get it done. The third battle is to give 100% effort and focus on each workout.

If you break it down, it doesn’t seem as bad as thinking: You have to get up, get ready, go to the gym then come home, shower and go to work. It’s a win if you just show up. That’s 80% of the total battle. Then take on the next battle once you show up.

The same applies to nutrition and eating habits. The first battle is having the proper foods available at your home. Another battle is having your fruits and veggies prepared so you can pack your snacks and lunches for the day. Another battle is drinking your required water intake per day. The list goes on. Remember for nutrition, if you are dedicated 80% of the time then 20% of the time you can lose a battle. If you have ten battles today with nutrition and you win eight, then you are on the right track and those three mini chocolate bars you had won’t affect you much. If you have only won 50% of the battles, then you have some work to do.

Today approach your fitness and nutrition one battle at a time and celebrate the wins. Often we have our eyes on the trophy and get distracted along the way. Stay focused, win the small battles and you will eventually reach your ultimate goals.

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