Today we want to check in with you… And we want you to check in with yourself!

  • What has gone well this week?
  • What has not gone well?
  • What is one thing you need to do to get closer to your goals?

Take this time to do a self-assessment. Assess where you are right now. Celebrate your success and your bright spots that got you this far. Then how can you get closer to your ultimate goal?

We want to help you make an action plan moving forward to attain your goals. So let’s do this step by step.

Step 1 – Let’s start with a short term goal (4 weeks). What is that goal? Let’s use the example: maintain a workout routine of five days a week to keep myself mentally sound.

Step 2 – Get out a calendar, write down “workout” on the days you will commit to working out. If its Monday to Friday or whatever the days are commit to it now!

Step 3 – Now write down what time you will work out at.

Step 4 – Decide what type of workout you will do each day. Upper body Monday, lower body Tuesday, conditioning on Wednesday etc.

Step 5 – Write out your workouts for that week, exercises and repetitions you will need to do.

Step 6 – Find someone who will keep you accountable! A friend who will do the workouts with you each day from home? Tell someone what you are committing to. Post it publicly on social media or get a Coach to keep you accountable and on track!

Step 7 – Do the workouts!

Having your plan in place is the first step. But the most important part is ACTION! If you don’t take action on your plan it’s just a dream. So take action and create your best self!

You can also book a FREE check in with us to further discuss your goals and a plan going forward!