We have talked about setting specific goals, making a detailed plan and taking action. Our goal at RAM is to inspire you to create the best version of yourself. We believe this is when you are exercising regularly, eating well and have a clear mindset.

For those of you that may have fell behind or put your fitness to the side during Covid we are here to help. What frustrates us the most is people letting up and watching their fitness and health slip away that you worked so hard to build.

When Covid started you may have thought ok I will take a break and get back at it when this is all over. Then it lasted longer than we thought. Days became months. Here we are today, still in a similar situation. I’m here to tell you it is time to take action if you are not already! When is the best time to start a fitness and nutrition program? It’s now! We do not know what tomorrow will bring and there is no perfect day or time. If you keep putting it off, then your health will not be a priority until it is too late.

What’s limiting you? Is it not being able or wanting to go to the gym at this time? Well guess what we had clients over Covid who lost weight and stayed fit at home! Is it not knowing how to reach your goals? Then find help. Hire a coach. Are you too busy and don’t have the time? Book a goal setting session with us and see what you can eliminate from your day so that you can create thirty minutes for yourself. You will then become more efficient with your time throughout the day. As you gain energy and mental clarity you will most likely gain more free time!

Whatever is limiting you, there is a way to overcome it. There is a way to move forward and get better. You just have to take advantage of what you have available to you.

Here is a task for today to help you take action: What is one thing that is limiting you from starting a fitness and nutrition program to reach your goals? What in general is stopping you from reaching your goals? Now that you know what it is, what can you do today to take the first step forward? Join a gym? Hire a coach? Get out for a walk? Eat more vegetables? Now go do it!

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