We know it can be tough to stay motivated with home workouts. But just remember the progress you were making when you were in the studio and how you felt during your peak fitness level. Where are you know? Have you gotten stronger or more fit? Or have you lost some of that fitness and motivation?

How will you actually know?

Sometimes it can be as simple as your energy levels and how you feel. It may be how you look. It may be how your clothes are fitting or a number on the scale.

So, if you have not assessed yourself in the past now can be the time to set a baseline so you can test again in a month or two.

Weight loss

I recommend body girth measurements as the best tool you can do to measure change on your own. Yes, you can use the scale BUT most of the time it comes down to how your clothes fit and how you feel in the end and not just the number on the scale. If you told me I want the scale to show 10lbs less and I said ok cut off your leg and you will be 10lbs less. Are you happy now? I don’t think so. So it’s more than just a number it’s a feeling.


Strength goals can vary for each individual. Some people want to lift 100lbs instead of 60lbs. But for many increasing strength means doing everyday activities easier. Being able to move a wheel barrow on your own or picking up your child with ease.

This can be easy to measure and you can use certain exercises such as a squat and compare the weight you did at the beginning of the month to the weight you used at the end of the month.


For many it is important for this to translate this over into everyday life. Such as, not huffing and puffing when going up and down stairs, or not getting winded when running around with your kids.

You can use certain workouts or circuits that get your heart rate elevated to measure your state of conditioning. Do a circuit workout at the beginning of the month and time yourself. Then repeat it at the end of the month to see if you can improve your time.

The key is to find a baseline based on your goals, measure it and then retest it 4 to 8 weeks later to see how your workouts are benefiting you!

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