An essential element to consistency and results is accountability.

Having something or someone that keeps you accountable is what will keep you going!

What is it for you? A workout buddy? A coach or trainer? A fitness class? A goal? All these can keep you accountable in different ways.

For myself when I trained and competed in Ironman events, the goal of finishing is what kept me accountable to my training. As well as the money and time commitment. Knowing I had to build myself up to swimming, biking and running marathon distances was enough to keep me accountable. I had committed to a race so there were two choices, fail and quit or be able to get to the finish line in somewhat decent form. Not finishing the race was not an option for me so having that set goal and time frame kept me accountable to sticking to the plan.

Being an endurance athlete during this time there are no races to look forward to. Nothing to train for. These races and events are usually what keep me focused and accountable. But now nothing? What do I have to train for? Yes, my health, but luckily I am in good health so it’s a hard reason to justify even though I know the benefits. Classes, clients, you are what keeps me going right now. If I don’t show up at 6 am, 7am, 12pm or 530pm then I’m letting my training partners down.

You as clients won’t have structure or someone keeping you accountable. So as much as I may be keeping you accountable, you are doing the same for me. If we didn’t offer these classes during this time would I be working out 5 or 6 days a week? I would hope so but honestly I probably wouldn’t be in the shape I am right now.

So what is keeping you accountable? Set a goal to train towards that keeps you accountable. If you can’t find a deep enough “why” or reason to reach that goal, then hire a coach or join a group that you know are going to show up each day. And trust me you don’t want to be known as the one that doesn’t show. Not that anyone will let you know, but it doesn’t go unnoticed.

So if you’re stuck take action today! It’s a new month, the weather is nice, you can’t go many places. Most of us have more free time. So use it to better yourself! Don’t quit, finish your race!

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