Let’s talk about creating the perfect nutrition plan, what does that actually look like? For many of you, you might think that would look like eating “perfectly” all week, having no treats, eating salads on top of salads and avoiding carbohydrates like the plague…..but do you see the problem with this?
It’s easy to fall into the all or nothing mindset when it comes to nutrition, similar to last weeks topic we have to create the right mindset around nutrition before we actually see or make any changes. Everything starts with what you believe and how you approach your goals. The healthiest clients are the ones that allow room for balance, don’t feel guilty for having a treat now and then and focus on fuelling their body with healthy foods they actually enjoy so they can stick to it long term.

The truth is, healthy eating is going to look different for everyone. There is no right answer or “perfect” way to eat, it’s what works for you & what you can maintain in the long run that is best. It’s so easy to get sucked into thinking the new trendiest diet will be the one that works but short term fixes will never lead to long-term results. Eating perfectly for one week and forgetting about it all the next won’t have you feeling or performing your best. You have to find healthy foods you love & have fun while doing it, that’s the real secret
For some of us, healthy eating may look like eating a lot of greens and vegetables at every meal because that’s what you enjoy. For others maybe that means focusing more on meal prep and having healthy snacks or maybe all you need to do is be more consistent with drinking water. Break it down and find small habits you can implement that add more good into each of your days.
With the holidays coming up, don’t feel guilty for eating a few treats but find time to add in some healthy things also. Go for a walk if you can or have a smoothie for breakfast. The small things can add up and this ultimately sets you up for long-term success.

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Coach Ash