Happy Monday!

Its new week! A chance for a new beginning! How did you start your Monday? Did you give yourself time this morning to sit relax, enjoy a coffee, reflect or journal on what has been going well for you? Or what went well last week? Did you get in a workout to help create a positive mindset and set the tone for the day and week? Or, did you hit snooze roll out of bed and rush to work. Are you letting the day run you? Or are you running your day?

The last two weeks we talked about two major components to fitness: workouts and nutrition. If you have these down most likely your mind is in a good place. One component that is overlooked by many is mindset! Sometimes before starting these two components you will need to get your mind in a proper place first or you can set yourself up for failure. Not because you don’t know what to do but because your mind is not in the right space.

This week focus on your mindset. Are you making the most out of negative situations or just surrendering to them? Have you been taking the “corona vacation” from fitness? Or have you taken the extra time to work on yourself.

How you start your day will determine how productive and positive your day will be. So let’s start with some positive mindset habits in the morning. Just as you need positive nutrition habits, you also need positive habits for your mindset.

Tomorrow get up 10 minutes earlier if needed. Sit and relax for five minutes. If you have kids get up before they do and get 5 minutes of peace. Enjoy a coffee, don’t check your phone. Read a book, sit outside or reflect on three things you are grateful for today. Avoid thinking of what you don’t have and be thankful for what you do have and let that set the tone for your day!

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