Last week we walked through how to create a workout plan. Now that’s only part of the battle. It is a great start but there are other factors when it comes to health, fitness and reaching your goals. This week we will talk about nutrition. “You can’t outwork a bad diet”. Meaning no matter how often you workout you cannot just eat garbage and expect to be healthy.

Remember the food you eat creates your body. Fuel with nutrient dense foods and not fake nutrient poor foods.

Today we will focus on how to create better nutritional habits. It’s easy to give you a meal plan and say here stick to this it will work. But does it work? Usually not. Most people are going from knowing very little about nutrition to trying to change everything all at once. This is a recipe for failure. That’s like never working out and me saying ok her is seven workouts for the week go do them.

Just like fitness set realistic goals for nutrition. You are not going to change it all overnight. It takes consistency and patience. That’s why “diets” don’t work. It’s an unrealistic plan that cannot be maintained for the rest of your life. Sure you may stick to it for thirty days but what do you do when the plan is done? Go back to your old habits.

Fine tuning your nutrition is not hard but it does take consistence work. So we will focus on creating better habits and not limiting our food intake or measuring out how much you eat.

If you have a habit of eating chips every night because you need a snack how can you change this? Well you could stop snacking and drink water right? Yes, but this is unrealistic and won’t last long. So instead of eating chips start with buying a “healthier” option. Find a lentil chip or veggie straws, something with very few ingredients and use these instead. Is it the best option? No, it is still a processed food with very little nutritional value but it is a step in the right direction. Then next week maybe have half the veggie straws and an apple. Then eventually an apple and water or an apple and peanut butter.

It’s the little steps that will add up and last a lifetime.

Instead of drinking pop with dinner, try a juice instead (still not great but better) then eventual switch to just water.

Today choose your poorest habit you have. Then find a slightly healthier substitute for that, stick to it for a week then change it up again next week to an even healthier option.

This is how you can create habits that will last you a lifetime. Don’t try and change it all at once. Be patient with the process and the results will follow.

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