Yesterday we talked about the importance of having a coach. Today we will look at a few different ways to get coaching. What is the best type of coaching? One on one. Just you and your coach. This will ensure you get one on one attention from your coach and you will be able to move closer to your goals on a more direct path.

Here is how we offer coaching at RAM:

One on One Coaching allows for customization to your goals and a specific plan for you, not anyone else. At RAM we provide one on one coaching in both fitness and nutrition. This is the fasted and most effective way to reach your goals and provides you with the most accountability.

Small Group Coaching has all the benefits of one on one coaching with a small group of people (two to four). Workouts in small group coaching are customized to the individual but delivered at the same time with others in your small group.

Group Training is done in a group format. For those that decide not to do one on one coaching or small group coaching at RAM we offer group training. The benefits include the atmosphere and energy from a group of like-minded individuals working toward similar goals. Being able to workout along with others can force you to challenge yourself and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Group coaching is great for many people but it does not work for everyone. Group training can allow individuals with different goals to workout together and allow them to still work towards their goals with the same workout. This is a great option but since workouts are not fully customized to you it may take you longer to reach your specific goals.

The first step is action. Discuss your goals with one of our coaches. We will then show you the quickest path to your success. You start with our RAM RAMPUP program which is a combination of one on one sessions and group classes or you can choose just one on one if you prefer. After the RAMPUP a plan is put into place with your coach on how to continue your progress through one on one coaching, group training or a combination of both. The secret is to take action, don’t delay any longer and start making progress towards your goals today.

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