I started a fitness business because I loved fitness and what it did for people. How it made them feel, how it made them better. Along the way I realized that this is only part of the battle. I thought I could get away with eating what I wanted when I wanted. Many people are still in this trap today. We have great workout routines and some people work out five or six days a week. We do these crazy challenging workouts and feel great. But then we put poor quality fuel into our body.

Think of your body as a vehicle. If you have a luxury vehicle that needs premium fuel and put in the low grade, you may not notice a difference right now, but in a few months or years you are going to end up with issues you need to fix. Why not pay a little extra now to get better quality fuel (food) that will save you in the future. If you get sick you will need to take time off so this is going to cost you more money and time.

We know that nutrition is 80% of the battle so why do we put the majority of our time into the other 20% working out and little to no time prepping meals or educating our self on better nutrition habits? Nutrition should be the base of your wellness pyramid. Then fitness.

I’m not saying activity is not important, it most definitely is but we should focus more on what we are fuelling our bodies with. We feed our kids or grandkids the best foods so that they grow up strong and healthy. Great! Why stop there? Our bodies are rebuilding daily and what we put into them determines what our cells, our skin and our hair is made of. Do you want a low grade or premium body?

Take small steps today and figure out what the biggest problem is you have with your nutrition? Is it not being prepared? Too many packaged foods? Over eating? Then decide how you are going to change this today. Then do this for a full week. Next week, choose another area to work on!

Nutrition is your foundation for overall wellness! Remember, You are what you eat! Literally!

Let us help you build better habits!