Today’s tactic for you:

A simple easy way to stay on track.

Log what you are eating daily, write it down on a piece of paper. Also write down how much sleep you get per night. If you got a workout in that day write it down and lastly write down the time you took for yourself to relax, do yoga, meditate, read a book or go for a walk.

At the end of the day put a smiley face beside each one. Was your nutrition awesome today? Not bad, or was it poor? Super smiley face for awesome, content face for not bad (a bit of a smile) and a sad face for poor.

Now do this for workouts as well. This will vary depending on your goals. It may be a super smiley face to just get a workout done that day. Maybe you need to do longer workouts so an hour workout will get you a super smiley face but less than an hour will be a not bad day.

Do the same for sleep. If you get 7 hours you put a super smiley, 5-6 hours a content face and less than 5 hours a sad face.

Then rate the time for yourself. Did you get at least 5 minutes to yourself of relaxing time maybe that’s a super smiley! Maybe you only got a little bit of time to yourself, that’s a content face. Did you get no time at all then that is a sad face.

Now at the end of the week go through your faces and categories. The super smileys are great! Do not change anything. The content faces can wait for now. The sad faces are your first priority. Now, decide what you can do to change this face for next week and do it! Then compare back. Make sure you only work on one smiley at a time and eventually you will be working next on the content faces! You are working to create a good balance. Don’t aim for all perfect smileys, aim for no sad faces and build slowly.

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