We all love a good challenge. Something that motivates and inspires you to create your best self for 30 days or 60 days right? It feels great to accomplish something and how you feel after all your hard work. But how can you stay motivated and keep your mindset in the right place going forward? How do you maintain your progress and not go backwards?

The first 1-3 months of starting a fitness journey is awesome. You see results, you feel better, your clothes fit better, you have more energy and you see increases in the weight your lifting or how many reps you are completing.

From 3-6 months the progress slows. Our bodies adapt. You will not notice as significant of changes as the first few months. This is where most people stop and progress is lost. The key is to stick to the plan and be consistent. Those who hang on will start to develop lifelong habits.

Greater than six months you will set yourself up for long term success. You still have work to do but you have a solid foundation and habits formed. You have seen the fast and the slow changes. You feel the benefits each day of sticking to a plan. You are now more likely to make your health part of your lifestyle.

You can see results in three months but after seven months you will change your life!

How can you stay motivated to stick to the plan?

Celebrate your success! Do it every week! Celebrate the small wins. Instead of always focusing on the end or long term goal. Look at what you have already done and accomplished. Look at how far you have come. Maybe you completed 3 workouts this week. Maybe you have had your proper amount of water for the week. Maybe you just started walking daily.

Whatever you have done better, celebrate it. Then move forward.

This will keep your mindset positive and keep you motivated to attain more.

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