When you do your first indoor cycling class you may be focused on just catching your breath and keeping your legs moving so here is an explanation of how we coach the gears so that if you are new you will feel comfortable or if you are a veteran you have a better understanding.

Base Resistance – This is the minimum resistance we want on at all times. This is enough to keep you steady in the saddle and to start to feel your muscles engage. It should feel almost effortless. Anything less than base resistance you will have no tension on at all which will compromise your form and safety.

Working load – This is enough resistance to start to engage your legs more without them slowing significantly. This gear will keep you steady in your saddle when you pick up your speed and prevent you from bouncing in the saddle. The gear is also meant to make you work to keep up your pace during speed blocks. You should still be able to maintain a high speed while staying in control.

Gear 1 – Is like you are at the base of a hill just starting to climb. Your legs should start to slow as you add resistance. This gear is an easy climb like a 6/10 something you can do all day.

Gear 2 – Is a moderate climb. As you add resistance your legs should start to feel heavier. You have to work harder to maintain the climb but it is still manageable. This gear you could work with for 2 to 4 minutes if needed. This should feel like an 7-8/10

Gear 3 – Is a heavy climb. Legs should start to really slow. You are using everything you have to maintain your climbing pace. This is the heaviest gear you can take while maintaining your climbing pace. This feels like a 9-10/10

The great part about an indoor cycling class is anyone at any level can get a great workout in the same class. The way we coach allows us to connect with each individual at their fitness level. You can challenge yourself as much as you feel necessary.

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