“I don’t have time to work out”. Translated means: it is not a priority or it is not something of interest. I know we all lead busy lives but keeping yourself healthy should be a priority. It will take sacrifice. That can mean sacrificing sleep, time with the kids/grandkids or leaving work early if possible. It means making physical activity an appointment in your daily life. Take a look at your phone usage daily. If it shows at least twenty minutes, then you definitely have time.

If you are tight for time you can still get in daily activity in as little as twenty to thirty minutes or even less. How do you make your workouts effective in twenty to thirty minutes? Well I have been doing this for thirteen years now. Instead of doing a muscle group based workout like leg day or chest and biceps, do full body compound movements that will get multiple muscle groups working together. This creates a metabolic demand that will raise the heart rate, it will build endurance, strength and help you burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Check out some of my favourites!

Back Squat

Stationary Lunge to Press

Axe chop

Overhead walking lunge

Squat Press

Dumbbell Clean and Press

Squat Upright Row

KB Swing

The better you make yourself, the better you can make the people around you.