When it comes to getting results why do some people succeed and some do not? There are many reasons. Today I am going to focus on one simple way you can start to see the results you want.

Over the past 13 years I have been doing personal training and group training with clients and I have noticed one simple way that I can always tell who is going to see results and who is not after the first week or two. We all know that when it comes to losing weight, increasing your energy or gaining some muscle we must workout, but just as importantly we must focus on what we are eating.

When we start with new clients at RAM as we get into the habit of working out, the next step is working on what you are fueling your body with daily. We have no secrets, no diets, just eating real food, eating consistently and consuming quality food. So, to get to know what our clients are eating we get everyone to keep a food log. We can only help so much if we do not know what you are eating.

There are three kinds of nutrition loggers.

1) Those that have a perfect food log, but are not getting results
2) Those who do not log and do not bring a food log in
3) Those who log their food consistently and bring it in so we can work on creating better habits

Those that have the perfect food log but are not getting results are usually those who leave out late night snacks from the log, don’t log any bad meals and leave out days from the log that had poor meals. These people are not showing their weaknesses therefore not allowing us to help them optimally with nutrition.

Those that do not bring in a food log may have not yet realized the importance of nutrition. They may not be ready for change or are still too comfortable where they are. These people can go either way. Our goal is to educate them and build small habits so that positive changes will be noticed.

Finally, those who see results 99% of the time. The perfect student who brings in food logs weekly to review. Not perfect food logs but food logs we can work with to create better habits that will last a lifetime. Food logs which we can change the bad habits to good ones. These are the ones that succeed. They are not afraid to be imperfect. They see where they are struggling and then they take action to change it. If you don’t see what is going wrong (or don’t write it down) then you cannot do much to change the problem.

So, if you want to take one simple step to change your nutrition habits, start writing down everything you are eating every day. Review it weekly. Then change one or two things that need improvement. Then repeat. Small consistent changes will bring long term results.

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