YOU NEED TO FUEL YOUR BODY, calories are NOT a bad thing!!!

I know it can be confusing trying to understand nutrition when the entire world wants you to diet, cut calories, train fasted and workout just to look a certain way. BUT nutrition, fitness & true HEALTH go SO much deeper than this.

Our bodies NEED fuel, our brains NEED glucose (carbohydrates) to function every day. In order to become stronger, we NEED adequate fuel before & after training! If we want to feel energized, we NEED TO EAT ENOUGH.

When it comes to training, our bodies use different energy systems to create quick energy depending on the activity we are doing. Our body needs carbs + fat to make what’s called ATP (energy), if we don’t give the body what it needs it will find a way to make up for it through gluconeogenesis or ketosis. However….it’s MUCH easier for the body to use carbohydrates for energy rather than breaking down fat/protein to do the same.

Think about it as a burning candle wick-> you want to have a long burning wick to avoid feeling lethargic and running out of energy right??

I see SO many people recommending fasted workouts and I get it…everyone is different and it’s important to listen to your body BUT….fuelling your body BEFORE your workouts can provide even MORE positive benefits. For women especially…training fasted can create a lot of stress & excess amounts of cortisol leading to us running off of stress hormones and adrenaline rather than the fuel we provide!! Many of the benefits proven from fasted training has been done on men who don’t have the same hormones as women do. We have a lot more fluid & will require different amounts of fuel depending on the phase of our cycle, so it’s IMPORTANT to listen to your body and give it what it needs & when.

MORE FUEL = GREATER OUTPUT. Simple as that, under fuelling = feeling tired/weak/poor athletic performance & endurance throughout your training.

Even for those wanting to “lose weight” & improve body composition…fuelling your body WILL help you achieve this. Why? You will be able to train better & recover faster all while helping to INCREASE your metabolism.

Food is fuel.

Coach Ash.

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