We all know that veggies are amazing for our bodies and have many health benefits. With so many questions out there about if the keto diet good for you? Is it best to be vegan? Should I eat low carb? Stop trying different things and start with this task, it will not steer you wrong, I promise. One thing that has never changed is that vegetables are the healthiest food for us! To make your nutrition simple and effective, eat as many veggies as you can and then fill the rest of your plate with other foods (protein and starches). Don’t make veggies the accessories. Make it the main course!

Today’s Task:

Start simple and eat veggies with two meals a day. If you already do, then add veggies to another meal. Keep doing this until you have veggies with every meal!


Veggies for breakfast? That’s weird. Add spinach or kale to your smoothie to get them in!

Have veggies prepared and cut up for the week. You are more likely to eat them! Accompany them with a hummus dip or homemade yogurt dip.

Steam, grill, bake your veggies. Eat them however you like!

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