Today’s Challenge: Eat Consistently

Action Step:

Eat every three to four hours and get at least four small meals/snacks in each day.

Eating consistently will help keep your metabolism ramped up throughout the day. Most importantly it will help stabilize your blood sugar. When you eat three large meals per day blood sugar rises after a meal then crashes down before you get to the next meal. This can leave you feeling tired, hungry and craving sugar and leads to snacking on simple processed carbohydrates. Eating consistently will keep your blood sugar level and avoid overeating and wanting to take a nap an hour after lunch. Most importantly it stabilizes the release of insulin (a fat storing hormone). The more our blood sugar spikes, the more insulin is released, the more we tend to store fat.


Eat complete meals and snacks. Work on having snacks and meals with a healthy protein and fat. If having an apple, have some peanut butter with it. This will sustain you longer.

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