Today’s Challenge is to have an “Added Sugar” free breakfast.

Sugar is fine in natural sources such as fruit or dairy products but added sugar is highly processed and not beneficial to the body.

You find added sugar in cereals, waffles, donuts, muffins, yogurts (as flavouring) some granolas and many other products. This kind of breakfast will send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. Want to stay more focused or keep your kids focused throughout the morning then avoid the simple breakfasts above and try one of the ones below!

Action Step:

For breakfast try a smoothie, plain yogurt with fruit, oatmeal with fruit, omelet with veggies, apple and peanut butter.


If you are having a packaged product for breakfast (bread or cereal) read the ingredient label. If there is sugar in it that means its added. If the product does not have a label such as fruit then you do not need to worry. When eating yogurt avoid getting flavoured yogurt as sugar is added to sweeten. If using cereal, find a cereal that has no sugar in the ingredient list or try oatmeal or oats instead of cereal.

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