Today let’s look at what you are putting in your coffee. Are you adding sugar, milk, creamer or artificial sweetener?
How can we make our coffee better?


Start by following the list below and finding an alternative. I have ranked in order of importance to change first:


1)   Artificial sweeteners or creamers
2)   Sugar
3)   Creamer or milk.


Action Steps:


1)   If you use anything artificial you need to find a real food substitute! Use honey or agave syrup instead of an artificial sweetener. If using an artificial or sweetened creamer, then use regular cream or milk instead.


2)   If using sugar start by limiting how much you add in your coffee. Then replace with something more natural such as honey. Aim to eventually drink coffee without a sweetener.


3)   Using cream or milk? That is okay. You can also look at using other sources such as coconut milk or almond milk. If your goal is to lose weight drinking your calories is an easy way to gain. So look at eliminating extra cream or milk eventually but slowly decrease the amount you use.


Start your day off with a glass of water and then your coffee!


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