3 Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset  

1)    Exercise Daily
Now is a time to ramp up your exercise routine. Starting the day with exercise will help you set the tone for the day. You already know how you feel after a good workout. So don’t fall into bad habits if you are stuck at home. Try an online class, get outside and walk or run. If you are stuck ask us for help! That’s what we are here for!  

2)    Gratitude
Take a moment in the morning to journal or just to reflect on what you have or what is going good. Your health. More family time. More time to work on yourself or to get things done around the house you normally wouldn’t. Take 5 minutes to do this. This will create a positive mindset to take on the day!   

3)    Eat well!
No one is perfect. And neither are our nutrition habits! So try to stick to a consistent schedule throughout the week. Eat consistently every 3 hours but make sure you have healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, fruits with nut butter, veggies and hummus etc. Measure out your water for the day and make sure you drink it! Remember half your body weight in ounces per day! With all the negativity out there today remember to workout, show gratitude, eat well and stay positive! If you are stuck and online classes or your own workouts are not working for you then ask us about our online personal training program!   

Stay Safe and Keep fit!