We are now less than a month away from Christmas and the holidays! For many this means more food, more treats, more alcohol and less physical activity. How can you enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty and without taking two steps backward on your health and fitness?

First, start by adding to your health savings account. What does this mean? Workout daily, focus on positive nutrition habits for the next three weeks and build up your savings in your health spending account because you know you will be taking some savings away from this account at Christmas time. The more you build now, the more you can get away with and enjoy over the holidays without feeling guilty and without it affecting your results. So start saving!

When events or a get together happen, enjoy what is around, the food, drinks or whatever it is. Just remember, this does not give you a reason to throw your positive habits out the window until the new year. The next morning get back on track right away. Start your day with a workout and eat well immediately the following day.

Add in an extra workout or two throughout the week. Maybe you workout three times per week. Now is the time to bump that up to four or five workouts per week.

When the holidays arrive enjoy some time off! You have earned it. You have built up your health savings account and can afford to spend a little. Take one or two days of rest. Get out for a walk or snowshoe then get back into your routine of physical activity and mindful eating.

The difference between someone who will maintain or improve their health through the holidays us someone who has a healthy relationship with food and exercise and who is focused on being consistent, not perfect. This person will enjoy the benefits of the holidays but has built a lifestyle that will not allow them to not “fall off the wagon”. On the other hand, then person who has not built positive habits will take a full two weeks off, does not do any physical activity at all and eats poorly every day. This person will most likely be setting a new year resolution.

You have the next few weeks to set yourself up for success over the holidays. You should be able to enjoy these times and not have to worry about limiting what you eat. If you have created healthy nutrition habits thus far and a solid routine for physical activity, then you have nothing to worry about.

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