As I talk with more and more people and continue to do fitness assessments, everyone is wanting quick results.

Why wouldn’t you?

The thing is you can have quick results! But do these quick results last? 90% of the time I would say that they do not last. If you want quick results try a diet, decrease your calories, eat keto, or do intermittent fasting. Sure, you may see results quickly BUT the real question is will you still be doing that diet 2 or 3 years down the road? Is it maintainable for long term health and longevity? A couple months after these quick fixes generally people will go back to their regular eating or stop exercising and the weight that was dropped comes back. This is all because you changed your habits short term. You have gone back to your regular lifestyle which will take you right back to where you started.  

At RAM, we like to think long term. Getting results may take longer and take more patience but the the long term benefits and the maintainable lifestyle is what it’s all about! It’s about enjoying the process and being able to maintain it forever and being an example to your children and grandchildren so that they can live a healthy life as well!

So, instead of drastically changing your life all at once, enjoy the process, make small changes weekly, even daily. Give it time and don’t give up. Consistency is better than being perfect. Perfect is not maintainable but consistency is!