This week we are focusing on the fundamentals.

Yesterday we showed you, or refreshed you on bike setup. Today we are going to explain to you how we coach on the bikes! Sometimes we get so deep into our fitness routine that we need to step back and touch on the fundamentals. Reviewing and making sure you have the basics down will take you even further once you get deeper into a routine.

On the bikes we coach using gears and rating of perceived exertion so each rider can ride at their own pace and push themselves as much as they wish.
Rating of perceived exertion is a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being easy effort and 10 being max all out effort.

Below are the gears we use along with perceived exertion expected at each.

Base resistance – most minimal gear (just feel the resistance catch on) 3/10

Working load – gear in which the legs engage fully (during speed work enough to keep you stable in the saddle) 6-7/10

Gear 1 – base of the hill legs begin to slow (easy uphill effort) 5-6/10
Gear 2 – legs engage and becomes a moderate effort 7-7.5/10
Gear 3 – heavy climb (cannot maintain for long) working to maintain cadence 9-10/10

Gears 1 2 3 can be used for both seated and standing climbs. * Note that when you stand the effort will be easier. Gear 2 in the saddle is like a Gear 1 out of the saddle.

It is your individual ride and you can challenge yourself as much as you desire!

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