I am going to keep this as simple as possible.

A workout should always include 3 things:

1. Warmup
2. Workout
3. Cooldown

1. Dynamic Warmup

You want to create a warmup that will get the blood flowing to the muscles you will be using. If it’s a leg day, body weight squats or lunges will work. If it is more upper body, scapular pushups, arm circles etc. will work. Once the body is warmed up then perform a dynamic stretch, you want to make sure you are not holding stretches long. Only two to five seconds. This can include hip openers, straight leg kicks, walkouts etc. Check out a dynamic warmup HERE.

The last part of the warmup can include activation work. Basically getting the muscles you’re going to be using turned on. So things like glute bridges or side steps with band if doing legs. Upper body can include scap pushups and band rearflys.

2. Workout

Review your goals. If you want to build strength you will have more sets, lower reps and more rest time. If you want to lose weight you will do a mix of strength training and a conditioning circuit involving more reps, less rest and higher intensity.

Example, if you want to build strength you can do a superset of front squats and shoulder presses. Superset means do the first exercise then the other and then repeat.
So your sets would look like this:

4 sets of each exercise 10 reps, 8 reps, 8 reps and 6 reps.

This is an example but typically for strength you can aim between 4 to 8 reps (feeling fatigue by the last rep).

For weight loss it is still great to do the same strength work above at the beginning but then you can incorporate a higher intensity circuit.

KB swings x 25
Slam balls x 15
Skip x 30 sec
Mountain climbers x 25/leg
Squat press x 12

Repeat 3 to 5 rounds

Remember for weight loss building some muscle will help you decrease your body fat percentage. Read here why lifting weights won’t make you bulky.

3. Cooldown

Cooldown can be as simple as a static stretch, hold each stretch for 20 sec to 60 sec. Or foam roll. Make sure to target the areas you used if tight. But if you have weak glutes don’t roll your glutes after a workout. If you have tight chest then stretch your chest. Your goal is to keep balance in your body. Stretch the tight muscles and shorten the weak muscles.

These are a few tips that will hopefully give you guidance to create your own plan. If you are unsure of what do send us your plan and we would be happy to review it for you!

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