So, it has been about three weeks now of social distancing and hopefully you have settled in to your new home or work environment and you are getting accustomed to the changes. I know it is challenging not being able to connect with your friends or family as much, so more than ever, it is important to take care of you! Being isolated to your home can take a toll on many of us not just physically but mentally as well. That is why constant work on yourself daily can help you stay positive until you can get back to your normal daily life.

We all know the benefits of working out physically, it makes you look better, it decreases your body fat, it makes you stronger and makes everyday life easier. But for many of us the benefits are more mental than physical, especially at this time.  Working out can set the tone for your day. Getting your workout in will help you feel energized, give you more mental clarity and you will accomplish more throughout the day. If you have already become too comfortable and are working from home in your pajamas, sorry to say but you are in the comfort zone which is dangerous! So how can you ensure you create a positive and productive day? 

Here is a checklist we created to get you started on what will set you up for a day of success:  

  • get to bed no later than 11pm 
  • wake up 1 hour prior to your morning workout or start of your work day 
  • drink two classes of water first thing 
  • do not check your phone or social media for the first hour of your day 
  • get moving, workout, do yoga, go for a 5 min walk outside
  • fuel your body with a nutrient packed smoothie or smoothie bowl 
  • take 5 minutes to meditate, pray, or write a few things down you’re grateful for today
  • write out your to do list (max of 5 things), choose which 3 MUST get done and which one is most important to do today
  • get the most important item done right away then follow with the next two, and delegate the rest if possible 
  • limit social media and texting during the day set a time 10am and 3pm to check your phone and social if needed
  • take a break after 2 hours of work, get up move around have a healthy snack
  • continue with your next task until lunch
  • at lunch time, do a workout, go for a walk, have a nutritious lunch 
  • finish the remainder of your list in the afternoon
  • have an afternoon snack 
  • get outside, even if it’s only for 5 minutes 
  • take time to do something you enjoy before dinner, time with family, watch TV, get outside, whatever you enjoy
  • take time to prepare a quality dinner and make leftovers for next days lunch 
  • enjoy your evening as you like
  • before bed write down 3 things you were grateful for today, pray or read book
  • get to bed between 10pm and 11pm or earlier 

  The goal here is to maintain structure. We know that when we get too comfortable we usually don’t move as much, we eat more, we eat poorer quality foods and we feel mentally drained or depressed. So take control of your day and this starts the night before by getting to bed on time to allow for at least 6 hours of sleep and then starting your day on a positive note.  Stay healthy and stay safe! 

Need more coaching? If you find your falling into a rut book a call with us to discuss our at home coaching that will keep you accountable and on track with your health, fitness, and mindset!