“I am too old for that.” One of the most common excuses I hear when I engage in a conversation with many people over 50 about RAM and what we do.

So how old is too old? Is there an age you should slow down or not work out anymore? I cannot speak from experience because I have not got there yet. But I can speak for the people I have helped up to the age of 90.

There is no limit. I firmly believe body’s in motion stay in motion. Body’s at rest stay at rest. So keep moving no matter what!

Now that doesn’t mean we are going to do burpees with an 80-year-old with a knee replacement. Although with proper progression and tailoring it could still be a possibility.

Would I recommend that someone new to exercise jump right into one of our classes? Not usually. Yes, it can be done and our coaches can accommodate you but you may not feel comfortable for your first workout.

I have had a client who initially came to me thinking they could not do anything because of knee issues and assuming they had to do what they had seen others do. Lets just say they are still here years later and their knees have never felt better.

So this is why we have our RAM RAMP UP Program and Personal Training.

RAMP RAMP UP is our way of introducing you or a friend of yours who may be curious about trying us out. It involves personal training sessions for us to ensure you have the fundamentals needed to take on any classes and it also includes a class package so that you can start with our classes when you feel ready. This way, you know what to expect before your first class and if you are starting from scratch you have time to build up a base of fitness.

Personal Training for the majority of people is the quickest way to results. Personal Training is customized workouts designed for you based on your goals, muscle imbalances and considering any injuries or health conditions you may have. One on one, just you and your coach gives you efficient and effective workouts designed to get you to your goals fast.

So when it comes to age that’s just another excuse. With one on one coaching we can design a program for any client with any needs. If you are 300 lbs overweight, then it may be as simple as a walking program and focusing on nutrition. If you are 70 with a bad hip, then you may need some mobility and flexibility work and some basic strength training with limited range of motion to start.

The key is that you continue to move. As we age our muscles and bones break down. We know weight bearing exercise increases muscle mass and bone density. So why stop?

It’s never too late and you are never too old. You may not be able to do what you did when you were 20, but you can still do something!

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