All of the changes in restrictions and the scare of COVID leave us wondering how this will change everyday life going forward. This is how I see it changing the fitness industry.

1) Online classes

You will see more online classes being offered as we do already at RAM. Online classes can be done from the comfort of your home. Although these classes do take a self-motivated and committed individual. What most gyms have noticed with online classes is a decline in attendance over time. Everyone wants to try it at first but then the unmotivated fall off and can’t stay committed. So, I think you will see more of this but in limited capacity for gyms since there are huge companies that can deliver high quality classes for a cheap cost already.

What you can expect from us? A library of classes to access to do at home when you need. As well as a weekly online workout or certain classes streamed online from studio if you cannot make it to the gym

2) Online coaching/personal training

Online personal training has always been around. But now gyms have had the chance to implement it into their services with being closed. Some gyms still do not offer this and most big box gyms do not and will not offer it at all. For us this has been the best option for people to stay committed to an at home plan. Having a coach keeping you accountable to workouts and monitoring your progress throughout is a service you will not find offered with an online class. Even those who struggle with committing will have a greater chance of adhering to a program since they will be held accountable.

This will be a service we will now always offer. As well we will have flex options that will give you workouts for home and in studio training as well.

3) Smaller studios will be the new “go to”?

If you want to get to the gym, but are worried about a gym not being cleaned properly or people wiping down their equipment after use, then I can see smaller studios being the new “go to” gym. Smaller studios know who has touched what equipment and can keep all equipment sanitized and clean before and after classes. You also have the benefit of only being around a small group of 3 to 12 people instead of being around 50 to 100 people.

As we continue to be your “go to” we will keep up with all sanitation, cleanliness, and social distancing requirements.

4) Smaller groups and more personal workouts

As restrictions ease, and when gyms initially open up there will most likely be a limit to the number of people gathering. This will create smaller class sizes initially that will lead to more personalized workouts based on a group goals and more one on one connection. This means more for you the client. As coaches, we will be able to really focus on the goals of a group and develop our workouts based on this information.

We will continue to try and make your experience as personable and effective as possible.

Although this crisis is making things more challenging at the moment it will allow us to really develop our programs, and to put more personal attention into you, the clients. Our goal is to make your experience as personalized as possible to allow you to see maximum results.

Do us and yourself a favour. Don’t stop moving!

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