Consider today your New Year! It won’t be long (about two months until January 1st) util the real New Year! Many people are probably looking forward to it already, looking to put 2020 in the past. In January gym attendance peaks with people looking to make change.

Here is how I see it, if you don’t commit to something in the next two weeks most people will say I will wait until the New Year! That is two months of progress wasted. Although January 2nd seems like the perfect time to get started it’s not. Chances are if you push off something you should do until then it will get pushed back even further. The perfect time is now! Even if it’s not perfect for you. 1% better each day, is better than 0%. By the new year you will be 60% better already and you won’t get stuck in the weeds with all the people getting back into it in January.

The reason I say this is not because I want people to come back to the gym but because I hate seeing people who have progressed so far and then have stopped completely. It’s our job to keep people accountable and on track no matter what’s going on in the world or your life. It’s because we are committed to making each and every person we work with better and improving their quality of life.

It’s only a dream until you take action! Take action and do something today. Start working out today even if you have a busy day at work. Book a call to get help. If you are already working out and being consistent then what’s the next step you need to take to get even better? (A few ways to keep the momentum going here)To improve even more? Now go take that next step asap!

Happy New Year! Be different and start it early! You deserve it.

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