So, you are off to a great start to the new year! You have momentum. The question is how do you keep this rolling? We see many people that go ALL IN in January but then the motivation dies off come February and March. To help you stay committed long term, here are a few tips to keep you motivated. 

1)    Set short term goals – We always have a big goal we aim towards. This goal can almost seem unattainable and out of reach at first. So, break your goals down into monthly goals and then weekly goals. This will help you to continuously achieve goals which will keep your momentum rolling. Choose simple goals such as getting four workouts in per week, track what you are eating daily, or develop one healthy habit weekly. Remember that success will create motivation. 

2)    Hire a coach or stay accountable to a friend or a system – Have something or someone you must report too weekly or monthly. Having someone expecting you to show up for a workout or to log your eating will increase your chances of staying committed. Whether you hire a coach to meet with weekly or monthly, or you are part of a challenge that tracks points every time you work out and complete a task, these are all things that will keep you committed and accountable.  

3)    Find a gym you like or something you enjoy doing – Having a positive upbeat and motivating atmosphere will help you stick to your plan. Working out is hard. Their is no way around this; there will be some activities or exercise classes you enjoy more than others. So, do more of those! But I often get people saying “oh you love cycling or you love running and working out so it’s easy for you”. The truth is, I don’t enjoy feeling uncomfortable and pushing hard outside my comfort zone just like anyone else. However, it makes you feel great that you have stepped outside your comfort zone. It’s not easy, not for anyone no matter your fitness level. But if you want change or you want to become better you must get uncomfortable to take yourself to a new level.   

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