The weather has been beautiful. Before we know it there will be snow, then Christmas and then New Years! This year we are going to help give you a head start with your New Year goals. The common theme we see at gyms is everyone is ready to work out January 2nd. January and February go well but then many people disappear from the gym. There are many reasons why this can be. One main reason we will look at is goal setting and having a plan in place.

Many people start with no finish or goal in sight. This can cause you to lose motivation in a few months and stop because you have no purpose going forward.

What is your annual fitness plan? If you don’t have one here is how you can set one up. Then when the time hits you just need to follow the plan. No waiting until February or March to ask for help. Even better, start now!

Here is how you can develop your annual fitness plan:

1) What is your ultimate goal for the year? Is it a big race, like running a half marathon? Losing 20lbs? Being consistent with fitness? Eating cleaner? Define your goal and why it is important to you. Be specific!

2) Put your goal on the calendar. What’s the date you will reach this goal? My race is August 19th 2021 or I want to lose 20lbs by May 2, 2021.

3) Now work backwards and add in events or milestones. On March 5th I will run a 5k race and June 21st I will run 15 km. By February 1st I will be down 5lbs and by April 3rd I will be down 12lbs.

4) Now Plan out your weeks. What days will be strength training and what days will be cardio? Then what will the exact workout be?

5) Take action, show up and follow the plan.

It is all about consistency. If you miss a workout, no problem get back on track the next day. Trying to be perfect will set you up for failure. We are all human and we will miss workouts or eat poorly. Those who can get back up and move forward each day will succeed.

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