We hope you had a great Christmas. Maybe you ate and drank a little too much? I know I did. But don’t worry it’s nothing to freak out about. As we talked about before, if you have built up your health savings account you had some spending room and you can get away with it as long as you get back into your good habits and don’t continue this way for weeks. Rest and recovery is important and many of us live busy lives that lack downtime. Be grateful that you had time to relax and recover. But now it is time to move forward.

But, we are in lockdown again for two weeks. That’s fine we have done this once already. There are many options available to work out from home with or without others. Find out what works best for you and we will keep you accountable over these next two weeks. Start your new year today! Not on January 11th when the lockdown is lifted.

I have noticed that many people have learned from the first lockdown. The first time through 50% of the people I talked with continued with some form of virtual or online coaching option and 50% said I will wait. Well those that waited had a long wait, about six months, which can be enough to have you moving away from your fitness goals rather than towards them. This time around it seems as if 95% or more of those that have been back since the first lockdown are not hesitating and are making their health and fitness a priority. They know this could possibly mean longer than two weeks and they know stopping now will mean losing the results they have seen so far.

We have done this before and we know what works and what doesn’t. Here is the list in order of what works best.

1) Online zoom personal training – one on one personal training done from the comfort of your home.

2) Online Coaching – personalized workouts to do at home with the accountability of a coach.

3) Zoom Classes – Online group classes

*In addition to our live classes you will be added to our remote classes group and will be able to get recorded classes and use at your leisure. (On Facebook search for RAM Remote Classes Group)

Book a call HERE and we can get you started.