Summer is here. The weather is beautiful and warm sunny days are upon us. For some of us we enjoy getting outside and biking, running or hiking. Some of us our fitness takes a break due to getting outside more and warmer weather.

Today I wanted to share my top tips for staying in peak shape over the summer!

1) Workout first thing in the morning.

This will ensure you get your workouts in. You will also beat the heat. If you leave your workouts to the end of the day, the common excuse is the weather is too nice I’m going to sit on the deck and enjoy a cold drink. So get your workouts in early! I know it seems hard if you are not a morning person. It’s not easy getting up early but it is only hard for the first five minutes. Once you are done your workout you will be more productive for the day. If not, then get your workout in at lunch time.

2) Commit to at least three focused workouts per week.

Three structured workouts a week will be enough to maintain your fitness you have built up all winter. In addition, you can do biking, running, walking, hiking and yard work on the days between.

3) When grilling grill veggies, and stay away from white processed breads and buns.

Instead of having a sausage or hamburger on a bun, lose the bun and just have your burger without or use a lettuce wrap. Even start with having one burger with a bun and one without if you find your eating two.

4) Get Fresh local produce.

Now’s the time produce is more nutritious and flavourful. Plant a garden or get locally sourced produce that is fresh and full of nutrition for your body.

5) Get outside at least 30 minutes a day.

Get some sun. It is a natural source of vitamin D which has several important functions such as facilitating normal immune system function. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases.

Fitness is a lifestyle not a seasonal hobby. So make a plan and stick to it! Make this the best summer yet!

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