Being consistently active is amazing but it can sometimes hurt after hard training sessions, this is why focusing on the recovery/nutrition side of training is SO important.

You can’t out exercise your lifestyle and you shouldn’t try to, it’s about balance & enjoyment…not punishing yourself or making up for eating treats. You need to FUEL & care for your body in all that you do. How you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING.

Make sure to eat enough. Your body goes through a lot when you are training, you need to prioritize eating both before & after workouts for better performance & recovery. Focus on fast digesting carbohydrates beforehand & a good source of both carbohydrates & protein afterwards. Make sure to have balanced meals throughout the rest of the day, include antioxidant rich foods as well as adequate protein.

Get enough sleep. Often overlooked but VERY important, muscle is repaired & rebuilt AS WE SLEEP so make it a priority.

Include a good source of omega 3’s to help reduce inflammation & enhance recovery.

Include cherries, they have been proven to help reduce muscle soreness & enhance muscle recovery. They also help with sleep which makes them a great bedtime snack.

Include a good source of magnesium with your meals or include Epsom salt baths.

Do not over train, too much of anything isn’t good. Know when your body NEEDS rest, a few days- a week off won’t cause you to lose all of your results from the gym.

Foam roll, stretch & prioritize mobility exercises before training. Work on your range of motion & always warmup before workouts.

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet (more whole plant foods).

Stay hydrated both before & after workouts, coconut water is great to include after workouts to replenish electrolytes.

Fuel for success!

Coach Ash.