Strength training is important for everyone as part of a health and fitness program. We know that the benefits of strength training are weight loss, building stronger bones, muscle definition and improving strength. You can attain your goals using strength and conditioning on its own most of the time. We know that it is important as well to recover. Give your muscles 24 to 48 hours to recover from a previous strength workout. If you do a leg workout on Monday and are sore Tuesday then don’t do a hard leg workout again on Tuesday. Tuesday you can rest or you can change the focus to upper body to allow your legs to recover optimally.

The recovery day can also be a great day to do lighter impact activity such as cycling. Cardiovascular activity does still involve strength, but it is usually light activity that can increase blood flow to the muscles which in turn can speed up recovery as well. To help accelerate your weight loss results, or improve your endurance then do your cardio on the days between your strength workouts. This can create a perfect balance so that you are not overtraining certain muscle groups.

The problem? Most of us dread walking on the treadmill or being on a piece of cardio equipment for hours at a time. Well, I have news for you. It doesn’t have to be this way. That is where our indoor cycling classes can give you the fun and motivating workout you need to enjoy cardio again. All our classes or any cycling classes are led by instructors who use upbeat music, motivational coaching and interval based workouts to keep your workouts fun and exciting. This will give you that breathe taking workout “literally” and get you the same results in thirty minutes than doing slow steady cardio on a treadmill or elliptical will in sixty to ninety minutes.

Cycling is also low impact and easy on the joints. There is a reason most health care professionals recommend cycling for post rehab. It is easy on the joints and will allow you to exercise pain free. Utilizing indoor cycling can be a way to maintain a long term exercise routine without being hard on your joints.

Indoor cycling classes can also take the guesswork out of doing cardio. If you’re looking to burn calories and are on a weight loss journey, then try a shorter high intensity class to help you burn some of that excess body fat. If you are a runner or cyclist looking to improve your stamina or endurance, then try a longer class that will help you improve your overall endurance and lung capacity.

Sure you might have a sore butt after the first few classes. But once you can get over that, indoor cycling can be great low impact way to improve your stamina, burn excess body fat and most importantly enjoy cardiovascular workouts again!

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