We all know that we should eat clean and nutritious food. We know that it will help us maintain or lose weight. And we know it is good for our health right?

I often see people who want to lose weight and the focus is to eat to lose the weight. Most of the time this is an unenjoyable way to eat and it is not a maintainable lifestyle. We see a lot of cutting calories, using shakes only or using a “diet”. Sure it may work short term but as soon as you stop, because you will since it is not maintainable long term you will see the weight come back plus some.

So how do you eat to lose weight?

Change your mindset. Think of food as fuel and not the enemy. Food gives you energy and fuels your body. More importantly, the food you eat is used to create cells in your body. Your body produces millions of new cells daily. Cells use the nutrients available to multiply.

If you consume high quality food, you can expect to have high quality skin, hair, bones, joints and ligaments etc. You can also expect have a stronger immune system and to keep your body in a balanced state to prevent disease.

When your stressed and your eating is poor, hormones and systems in your body are out of whack so this leads to many health issues and weakened immune systems.

Your body is a machine. Just like any other machines if you are not well oiled and don’t do regular maintenance you will break down sooner and have many more issues to worry about. When you do the proper maintenance you can expect to last a lot longer.

Remember food is fuel. We need it to function and to survive. Eat foods that come without labels, and foods you find on the perimeter of the grocery store. Eat to nourish your body. Don’t deplete your body of the nutrition you need to function.

You are what you eat! If you eat well 80% of the time your body can put up with insults 20% of the time. Don’t be perfect. Be consistent and it will last a lifetime!

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