Feeling guilty about your thanksgiving feast? You shouldn’t be. If you have built a healthy relationship with food, then you enjoyed your feast and moved on and got back into your healthy habits already. It will not slow you down or hold you back on route to reaching your goals. It will also help you create a resilient mindset.

The great news is if you have been exercising regularly, and eating well then you have built up your health savings account. This means every time you workout you build your savings. Every time you eat a nutritious meal you build your health savings. Over time this adds up and you will have a large amount of health savings. This will allow you to withdraw from it without noticing a significant change. If you have one meal where you indulge or three unhealthy snacks a week out of 35 possible snacks and meals, then this should not affect your progress towards your goals. It’s like taking $10 from your bank account if you have $1000 saved. Financially you will still be in a good place and have room for many more $10 withdrawals. The key is to always save more than you withdraw.

When it comes to your health we should not aim to be prefect because perfect is not maintainable when it comes to health and fitness. If you build your health savings account by doing the proper things 80% of the time, then what you do the other 20% of the time your body will have no problem absorbing.

If you did feel guilty enjoying a bit too much for dinner or extra pie on thanksgiving, then take a look at your health savings. Have you built up enough? If you feel guilty chances are you have not built a large enough health savings just yet. It is time to start saving so that next time you can make a withdrawal and enjoy yourself without guilt.

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