As I read through another food log, the food looks amazing all week but then the log goes blank for the weekend. The same goes for the next week. I also notice nothing logged in the evenings and after dinner which is a common time for most people to snack on something. When I was approached for help by this member they said they needed accountability and guidance on their eating. They had trouble with too much snacking at night and just couldn’t stay on track. After a chat about the first action steps to take, I reviewed the food log after the week and it was perfect. Again, except for the common theme of no food log for the weekend and no foods in the evening.

At our first check in I said to the client, “your foods throughout the week look awesome! The choices are amazing and you have been getting that snack in we talked about! Good job. Now why is nothing logged for the weekend? And, the evenings you told me were a trouble spots but I do not see anything logged. What has been happening?”

“Well I didn’t log my evening snacks because I knew they were bad and the same for the weekends. I didn’t eat well all weekend so I didn’t write it down”.

This is common with many people and they feel like they have failed and do not want to show that they have not been perfect to their coach! The thing is, this is neither helping the client or the coach. The first thing I say to myself when I see a perfect food log is, “something is not right here.” Seeing the failures or the problem areas is how we can help you become better. Without seeing those patterns where you struggle, it is impossible to coach you to become better. A coach needs to see the best and the worst in order to provide an action plan to help you break poor habits.

The good thing is, failure is good. Failure is how we learn to do things right the next time. Failure is how we get better and improve. Even better, a coach has experience with the failure you are having, they have been through it before either personally or with others. This allows the coach to help you, using experience and proven methods that work. Instead of continually failing until you figure it out (which can take a while). Your coach can show you the direct path so that you do not have to go through trial and error!

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