We all have habits. Habits can be both beneficial and detrimental. We have good habits and bad habits. Habits such as exercise, eating well or meditating can be positive habits to have. While smoking, eating sugar, watching too much TV can all be bad habits.

So why is it we can fall into bad habits so easily and good habits are harder to create. Bad habits provide comfort and instant gratification. Smoking satisfies that craving. Eating processed, sugary foods, gives your body the instant gratification it needs and satisfies you initially. Checking social media constantly allows you to procrastinate on difficult tasks or jobs.

Good habits take effort and the feeling of being uncomfortable. This is one reason why they are harder to create and maintain. As well with a lot of good habits you get delayed gratification. You don’t feel good until the workout is done. Its takes months or years to create the body you desire. Eating healthy will take weeks and months to see or sometimes feel the results.

So how are you going to break that old habit of eating sugar and sweats in the evening or checking social media when you need to get a hard job done. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take effort. The key is to replace the old habit with the new. So when you go for that cookie or bag of chips at night, stop and think, does my body really need sugar or am I just bored? If your body needs fuel you have to have the will power and the “why” to choose the better option. An apple and peanut butter or another healthy choice. Knowing your “why” or that deep reason why you want to be healthy will help you here. If you are just bored, then keep yourself busy. Go for a walk, read a book, or do a job that needs to get done.

Consistency creates habits. Remember strive for consistency and not perfection to create lifelong positive and healthy habits!

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